Multiple Encryption keys on Android but not Windows

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  • The operating system you are using.
    Windows 20 22H2 on 2 PCs, Android 13

It came time to replace my laptop and I also refreshed my Windows OS on another PC because of OS issues. Joplin had been working fine. I sync to OneDrive. I got both PCs setup and Joplin installed, encryption setup and sync all setup. Each of the Windows computers has a single identical encryption key.

After getting both Windows computers all settled in and stable. I went back to my Android phone Joplin app and for the first time in a long time I looked at the encryption settings. It IS working fine, however I found that there are 4 encryption keys in it. I decided to remove the app, then add it back and set it up. The 4 keys are still there. They all take the same password and the X for removal will not work. One of them matches the first 6 characters of my Windows versions encryption keys. Perhaps the extra keys are from previous setups?

How can I make sure to have only the single key the other 2 have and how do I delete the extra keys. I press the X to remove and nothing happens.

The Android version has downloaded and decrypted all the notes, however for the past few hours it has be decrypting over and over. It counts up to 100 items and starts all over. Is this because of the multiple keys?

I notice that I CAN see the notes but I cannot see any attachments despite have the attainment setting on ALWAYS. There is a marker that looks like an hourglass instead. Since I rarely look at notes that have attachments on Android I am not sure if they showed before. Attachments show on both Windows apps just fine.

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