Moving all the themes our and to the themes folder?


So I saw a comment on and older pull-request for a theme that there was talks about moving all themes out into their own .js theme files (like Nord is and like the pull-request I have submitted). Is this something you still want? Because if that is the case I could try and take some time this week to move all the themes out and into their own theme files.


Please go ahead! As you’ve probably noticed reviews are a bit slow right now, but this kind of change should be easily accepted.

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Cool. I’ll try and find some time tomorrow or Tuesday for this. Shouldn’t take too long to do.

Indeed that would be nice to have the themes in a separate folder. Please do two pull requests for this though - one for your own new theme, and one to move all the other themes to a folder, as it will make it easier to review.

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Yeah, already had that idea. :slight_smile: The pull-request for my own theme is already in, so I'll create a new one for the change to move all themes out.

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I have moved all files out in this pull-request:

Sorry for the confusing commit list, but I explained the reasons in my pull-request! If you want me to re-do it a bit cleaner just let me know!