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Joplin MacOS native theme (design mockup)

Hi everyone :wave: I made a quick design mockup to give Joplin a more native MacOS look. I love Joplin, but every time I open the app the design reminds me it's an Electron app. Any thoughts on this so far?

Light sidebar

Dark sidebar

The wysiwyg icons are from Iconpark.

I've posted this in the development category, but I haven't start building yet... :grimacing:


I think the designs look good but to get a better chance of going somewhere it's best not to move around or remove UI elements, or add features. Because that would require getting to a consensus on what should be changed and how, and then doing the development work and all that can take a lot of time (and often it means the whole thing is dropped before it gets somewhere).

Perhaps if you can get your macOS look working without changing functionalities it would be possible to integrate it as a theme of the main app, and have it selected by default on macOS.

It would be great to have this selected on Mac by default.

I will take into account your feedback about changing UI elements. I was actually thinking of creating an additional plugin to push the native MacOS look further without having to change the core.

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It's Great ! hard to find quality like yours these days.

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@laurent I'm looking at how to approach this and found out the current theme system only allows me to change the color palette. Since that will not really cut it, shall I just start working on a custom stylesheet for now? Or do you have other ideas?

I guess we could add additional options to the themes, such as padding, margin, border radius, etc. which would make your theme possible, but there's not much bandwidth for this at the moment. If someone can figure out a pull request for this though, I would accept it.

In the meantime you best option is indeed custom CSS.