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I already asked in Discord if it's possible to move several notes to another profile. Someone told me about a workaround: Export everything from the default (private) profile, import everything into the work profile and delete "private" stuff from there to keep only work related stuff.

But it would be nice if we could move a note to another profile easily inside the app. I want to use only the work profile on my work smartphone and the private profile on my personal phone. And the most important thing for me is a third profile as "archive". I don't want to see old notes in the default or work profile but I don't want to delete them. So it would be nice to move them to an archive-profile.



Yes, I would love that feature as well if possible.

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Yes another use could be a “Note profile” and a “Task profile”.
When a project become real it could be moved to the Task profile to begin the to-dos.

(Side note: Also for users unable to find how to add a “new note”, an option to disabled the “to-do” button could be added on the Note profile)

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Is there any way to bring this feature request forward to the devs?

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