Jong Importer - creating note from your favorite cloud service

Related to the topic creating notes from anywhere, if for a given reason, you want to use a website to write your notes, for example dropbox website of others, I made that toy that will allow you to import your wonderful notes automatically in joplin.
You will just need to set 4 parms and run a command and that’s it.

parms to be defined :

# path to the joplin terminal version
JOPLIN_BIN_PATH = /home/foxmask/.joplin-bin/bin/joplin
# path to the profile of the joplin client (terminal/desktop)
JOPLIN_PROFILE_PATH = /home/foxmask/.config/joplin-desktop
# path to the folder of the cloud storage service
joplin_import_folder = /home/foxmask/Dropbox/Applications/Joplin/letterbox/
# default folder where to import notes

then run

python jong_imp/ 

edit : project replace by Jong Toolkit

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a blog post to see all the machinery working .

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That’s pretty cool and could be useful to quickly write a note online, since there’s currently no web client for Joplin. At some point I will create a new page on the Joplin website and list projects like these.

One of the features missing in the JSON API is the possibility to define tags when creating a note, or to add a tag to a note, knowing its UUID

Since a few days, another use case is now fitted. You can now import JEX files from your dropbox (or other) to your joplin profiles.
Imagine, @ work, you can't/don't want to sync your dropbox and an USB stick is not allowed too.
You can at least use joplin locally, and then export your notes as JEX files.
Then you can upload the JEX files to your cloud services, and once at home launch jong_imp to sync your notes :slight_smile:

I’m just in the case where @work, I can’t have a USB key or synchronization with my cloud (Nextcloud), so if I understand correctly, I can export my notes in.jex format, import them into the Joplin (laptop), modify what I want, and when I get home, I balance my.jex again using your script.

I’m afraid it’s going to break data, do you have any feedback on this use?

To complete this, I discover I’m not alone with this problem :

Hi @redscape and welcome :wink:
the way to process is :

  1. I create notes @work
  2. before leaving the office, export them and copy/upload them to the cloud service
  3. at home, the script will read the folder of the cloud service and load the data from jex file.
    with dropbox, once you installed it on your computer, a folder named Dropbox is also created. So I provide the path of this folder to the config file of the script and it will be able to import the notes
    I don't remember if for onedrive, there is such a folder.

I’m afraid it’s going to break data, do you have any feedback on this use?

It should break nothing otherwise I would have been the first to be impacted :wink:

Yes, of course !

I use Nextcloud, it works with any cloud provider ?

it works with a folder you provide in the config file ; folder that is shared from your cloud provider :wink:

for example (as wrote above)

# path to the folder of the cloud storage service
joplin_import_folder = /home/foxmask/Dropbox/Applications/Joplin/letterbox

All right, I’ll test it.
In what I imagine:

  1. I export in the morning before leaving for work, the notes from my personal PC
  2. I import them when I get to work in Joplin
  3. I work on it, modify it etc…
  4. before leaving work, I export my notes (all or part of them, depending on what I imported in the morning or what I modified).
  5. the script imports all this into Joplin

But during the day, I sometimes write things down, not in the same notes, but it could happen, from my phone. How is it going? Conflict?
(if it could work like that it would be cool, it would save me from going back and forth with Evernote).

I do not test that case yet. the script use “joplin import” command, it’s not said that the import won’t create duplicated note.
We should make a test with 2 joplin import stuff to see the result in the app


I’m going to make myself a transport file, like a kind of INBOX.
Hoping to be able to do without Evernote, or to study a viable note solution once every 4 mornings…