Movable split in editor/viewer

Is there a possibility to move the split of the editor/viewer? You can change with mouse pointer the width of notebooks-tabs-column, the notes column. But you can't change the width of the editor/viewer.

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It can be done with CSS, see Split view column width

I already saw that post; that is about statically resize the editor-columns in userchrome.css (where after you have to restart Joplin to take affect...) Not really an answer on wat I want.

I want to change dynamically the column, just like the Notebook-column or Notes-column on the left side. When hovering mouse pointer on the splitline, chainging to resizer-icon, so you can click-and-drag the splitline to change the width of both editor columns. (See drawing)

resize: horizontal;
overflow: scroll;

in userchrome.css don't work.

Yeah I know what you mean, just saying as a workaround it is possible (hence the opening sentence on that other post). Otherwise this post is in the right place as a feature request.