More meaningful names for temp files edited by external editor

Currently, the temporary file's name is something like edit-<hash>.md.

As a person that often edits multiple notes with an external editor, it would really help if the file name could be something like <base name>-edit-<hash>.md, so that it's possible to navigate through the notes being externally edited in a simple way.


this would be great!
I am working with typora all the time, just for the better editing experience and often to be able to have two documents side by side

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+1 for me. Would be helpful when opening simultaneously multiple notes for external editing.

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Would you accept a PR for this?

I'm not sure, it will depend how the code looks as I expect it's going to make the file watching logic significantly more complex (and it's already quite complex).

That's fine. As long as you're not totally against this feature :smile: