More key bindings?

Hi !

Thank you for this great application and all these features (in full extension with the plugins). It is already great to have the key bindings for vim and emacs. But some (how many I don't know) use bépo, colemack, dvorak. Is there anything planned to integrate them? Or maybe so that we can remap ourselves?

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You can: Tools - Options - Keyboard Shortcuts

Wait... I'm not sure I understand. The keyboard shortcuts are for commands, not for editing keys (up, down, right, left, etc).
The classic "vim" configuration seems to work fine but I would like to use the same thing but in "bepo".

Ah,sorry, misunderstood you.

No worries.
While waiting for this to be possible I use vim with my keybinding as an external editor but it's a bit of a shame to "exit" Joplin because you lose the benefit of the other plugins.

@laurent Did you if others users want "bépo" ou other exotice keybinding ?

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