More control over editor fonts


I actually have to proposal regarding font settings for the editor.

  1. CSS-like editor font selection.
    Now, as far as I have tested, I can only select one font for editor. Which is often not ideal. My native language is Bengali which doesn't use the Latin alphabet and systemwide Bengali font is not good so the font Joplin shows is actually not much readable. Of course, I can choose a Bengali font in settings but then I'll loose nice monospace Latin font. A CSS-like font-family definition will allow us to select fonts and fallbacks more efficiently.

  2. Different fonts for WYSIWYG and default markdown editor.
    It can be made optional and as a overriding field. WYSIWYG editors are ideal for less-technical users and they often use it to write non-technical things and these users don't like monospace always. This feature will will be very helpful in my opinion. For example, sometimes I write purely technical things, mostly in English and find markdown editor extremely efficient. But sometimes, I write long articles in my native language for which I have to use external editor like Typora. This feature will eliminate the need for external editor at least for me, and I beileve for many others.

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As a non-technical user... I second this request.

All I want is the ability to change font size and type.

Joplin allows you to override the CSS directly, so you can choose fallbacks. Examples of various things people have done can be found here:

FYI, currently the WYSIWYG editor cannot be customized, but maybe by using the trick above you can keep Markdown in a monospace font.

For changing the font size, you can zoom the window. This setting is found in the View menu or by hitting Ctrl+ / Ctrl-. Depending on your interest, see my note about CSS above.

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