Font sizes

I guess this has been asked already, but I have not found much info. The font size/family only applies to the editor window. However, it would really be great if we could change other fonts, in particular of the new WYSIWYG editor. On high-res monitors, it is very difficult to see anything with the current sizes.

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Hey @SouthPoleCat, you can adjust the all the font sizes for the entire app by going to View > Zoom In.

Or, you can adjust them using CSS. One way to do this is to add the following to userstyle.css (rendered markdown) and/or userchrome.css (the rest of the app). You can add those here Joplin > Preferences > Appearances > Show Advanced Settings:

font-size: 30px !important

This code will also affect things like icon sizes. Once you start tweaking CSS, you can have a lot of fine-grained control. Join us over in Share your CSS to see a bunch of ways people have customized things.

Hope that helps, feel free to take a screenshot if there is a particular area you want to make larger.

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I've tested it with your CSS example. Everything is big now :smile:
But the font style of the full editor view is NOT affected! But this is the font style which is too small.
How can I increase the font size of the full editor view?

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@meisterleise Hmm, it looks like you are using the WYSIWYG editor which isn't affected by the custom CSS. I think you might be better off choosing View > Zoom In from the menu. This will make the font in the entire app larger at once.

I know. But the "zoom" affects everything, which looks very ugly. So there is no chance to change the font size of the editor? What a pity!!!

Thank you.

I wonder if you could change it the opposite way – i.e. Zoom in everything and then use CSS to shrink the rest of the app?

Yeah, that was a nice idea! :smiley:
But then the markdown area would be small too. :woozy_face:

Heh, well this is becoming like the "If you give a mouse a cookie..." book, but you could also make the Markdown font bigger through CSS. :slight_smile: Possible, but I realize less than ideal!