Modified PDF documents cannot be saved

One Important Feature has been Removed since 22 May 2020.

Since v1.0.214 been released in 22 May 2020, Joplin cannot save the edited PDF documents.

Since then, when you edit the PDF document, the editted PDF will be saved in the .config\joplin-desktop\tmp dir. BUT the tmp directory will be deleted when you exit Joplin.

In order to use this important feature, I have refused to update the software for 2 years.

Please re-enable this important feature.

Can anyone give me an explanation?

Correct, changes will only be applied as long as you do not change the note and Joplin is not closed!

Message when you open a file in Joplin:

For example:

  1. Open PDF
  2. Edit PDF in externel program
  3. Save change to the same file
  4. Close PDF

All changes are updated to the PDF in Joplin.

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First of all, thank you for your prompt reply and nice explain.

Sencodly, I need to make the following corrections. I mistaken the release history. The Important Feature mentoned aboved Removed since v1.0.217 released in 06 Jun 2020 not in 22 May 2020 mentoned aboved.

Thirdly, I have to explain detaily as bellow:

In the newer version (eg. v1.0.217), Can indeed save the modified PDF documents, but it is inconvenient.

  1. You should get the orgin file name, a hash string such as 6ecc163d8dd345a8beac29cfe6427e6f.pdf.
  2. And find the resource dir(C:\Users\xxx.config\joplin-desktop\resources).
  3. And save and ovewrite the modified documents.

But what you only need to do in v1.0.216 is CTRL+S, and changes will be applied to the orgin PDF document automatically.

Why the product manager remove this convenient feature? I do not undantant.

The PDF is also updated when I just press save without exiting the external program.

Editing the .md files or the resources in Synctarget or .config\joplin-desktop is not officially supported!
This is all at your own risk and may lead to sync errors!

The update was saved in tmp/edited_resources, and this dir will be removed when you reboot your computer.