Synchronization with cloud (pcloud) failing

Version: 2.7.15
OS: Xubuntu 18.04
Synchronization with pcloud service using webdav was failing.

Hi, relatively new user here. I hope this is the correct place to post my observation.

About 1 month ago my sync with pcloud stopped working. I finally noticed it and resolved it today and hope this may be useful for someone. I noticed that there was an unresolved support topic related to this previously that was closed.

My sync was failing with an permissions error - failed to access info.json

Looking at the info.json file in the browser through webdav, I received the same error.

Looking at the file through the command line using the pcloud app I noticed that it displayed like this:

chris@laptop1:~/pCloudDrive/joplin_sync$ cat info.json
"version": 3,
"e2ee": {
"value": false,
"updatedTime": 0
"activeMasterKeyId": {
"value": "",
"updatedTime": 0
"masterKeys": [],
"ppk": {
"value": null,
"updatedTime": 0

Notice that the last line ran into the following command prompt.

I edited the info.json file and simply added an extra blank line at the end and the sync process burst back into life.

I hope that this helps someone.


We don't currently support pcloud:

Thanks for letting me know. I will turn off sync in Joplin and copy my jex backups to pcloud as part of my daily file backup instead.
Thanks again

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