Android import url

I have found Webclipper android; but I think there should be an easier way. Joplin could expose another option to share (Joplin webclip) which imports the url to a configured notebook. In the android app one could configure the notebook, and the other options available in the browser webclip.

Adding another share option is the easy part. Actually clipping - i.e. converting html to markdown is hard.

As far as I understand Joplin webclipper has access to the page source and can use that for clipping. On mobile all you have is a URL, so you'd have to load the page and potentially execute js code to render the page, and only then convert to markdown.

I thought most of the code to convert html (and embed images, css...) was part of the extension or joplin itself, and most of codebase was shared between desktop app and android app.

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