Mobile: Share notes between devices through NFC / Bluetooth by Proximity

Many modern phones now allow paying for items using Near-Field Communication and there’s a react native library with active development for it; this protocol can also be used to connect two devices by proximity, meaning that users that have two devices (like me) that need them to stay in sync pretty much instantly at times, it would allow for this since it’s not syncing to a server but between local devices. This would also speed up syncing to the server since only one device would need to sync upstream and the other can just check it.

Bluetooth could be an alternative, but I’m not fully sure how this would work and know there are plenty of security holes there.

I wonder if their are apps that provide a share target that would enable you to share a note through to another device. Though I suppose Joplin couldn’t catch it on the other end.
That said, I think this is a case where it would be better to improve the sore points of sync rather then implementing a sync bypass. Given how slow NFC is, it should theoretically be possible to get Joplin to sync faster through a sync target than it could with NFC.

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I was sitting on a bench earlier brainstorming and wasn't exactly sure what would come of this, but thanks for answering. :relaxed: