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Mobile app: automatically syncing notes when sharing sth to joplin

When I share sth to joplin via android sharing, joplin create a new note than go back to the previous app.
To get notes synced, anyway, it needs to open joplin app. If you forget to do so, you won't get notes synced. I'd like to add a setting to allow automatically syncing notes after sharing the note, without opening the app.

Sorry if the feature was already requested, I searched for it but not found.

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As far as I know this feature wasn't requested as at the moment it is blocked by inability to sync in background at all (due to lack of stable background fetch library for react native itself).

As it is quite long running issue, the status is tracked on github here

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a widget button maybe?

As sync cannot happen in the background this widget button would do exactly the same as the main button does: opening the app so it can sync.