Mobile: Quickly add notes (incl prototypes)

For me, the primary use of the mobile app is to get ideas and reminders/todos down as quickly as possible, e.g. in meetings, on public transport, when taking a walk...

If one wants to get down multiple todos at a time, the current interface feels quite slow and tedious. I wanted to put out three possible ideas on how this could be improved, for which I also made prototypes.

Idea 1: Input field on top of notes list


  • Use action button in notes view
  • Opens an input field on top of the notes list
  • Enter note title, press go/enter
  • Note/todo is added to list
  • Can use the field to add another note


Idea 2: Refresh gesture


  • Open notes view
  • Pull down from top: "refresh gesture"
  • New todo is created

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Idea 3: Swipe left in note view

  • Open a note
  • Swipe left ("forward"/"next")
  • Opens a new note/todo for editing

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  • These are not finished, e.g. 2&3 need better visual indicators when swiping
  • They are somewhat orthogonal. One could have 1 or 2 plus 3.

Idea 2:

  • Users could expect the gesture to work more like "refresh" rather than "add" (but I guess some other apps have a similar "add" gesture?)
  • It does not seem clear to me how useful a dedicated "refresh" gesture would be in Joplin
  • Should the input box be styled like a note item?

Idea 3:

  • This feature would be most intuitive if the app would also allow to go back and forth between notes:
    • Swipe left: "next"/"create", go forward in history, or create note when at most recent item
    • Swipe right: "back", go backward in history
  • In this way, the functionality could really help to note down scattered but connected ideas quickly
  • Users might have different expectations of swipe gestures

The missing GIFs :slight_smile:

Idea 2


Idea 3


I would like to pick this up again. I am inclined to prepare a pull request for Idea 1 for now.
Maybe Idea 3 could be done in a later iteration.

Any comments?

@wimmers, this would be a useful addition, and the suggested implementation seems easily useable, IMHO. Thanks for the work

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The PR is here now :slight_smile:

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There is also progress on Idea 3. The GIF demos:

  • Hot reloading of notes in the CodeMirror editor
  • Navigatiing note history by swiping, also across folders
  • Creating a new note when there is no forward history


The code can be found on Github.

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