[Android] Tap notification to add note

Hey there! As many other users I've transitioned from Evernote to Joplin and it has been pretty much flawless, easy to set up the backups and sync and really nice to use in general. So first I'd like to thank all contributors for the great work!

Now, there's just one feature I miss, and that is the possibility to add a note by swiping the notifications bar and tapping a fixed notification.

I tried searching for this feature request, first in Github, then here, and did not find any (at least for android, only some about something similar for desktop). That set a flag in my mind that maybe this is not in high demand, so I'm posting here because perhaps it's a better place to find out if it would be something worth the trouble.

Some images for context, found here

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Not quite what you're asking for, but you can long-press on Joplin's icon and create a note this way.

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