Feature request - Mobile/Android - Swipe gestures

Current behaviour

As of now, Joplin on Android is mostly operated through navigating with buttons, keyboard and scrolling.

Suggested behaviour

Interaction with Joplin on mobile could be far more efficient with swipe gestures, in my opinion.

Thought of following:


  • Swipe left and right inside a note to navigate between notes in the same notebook
  • Swipe down inside a note to toggle between editing and viewing
  • Swipe down in the list of notes to toggle a sync (14085)
  • Swipe left in the list of notes to open the hamburger menu (10225)
  • Swipe right in the menu of notes to create a new note

Some of the functionalities have already been proposed, I referenced them above.


Of course, the exact swipe gestures can be varied, it's more about functionalities that would be accessible in a better way with swipe:

  • Switch between notes
  • Switch between editing and viewing
  • Toggle hamburger menu
  • Toggle sync
  • Create a new note


Don't know how much work it is to implement this and how many people would draw a benefit from these features, so feel free to comment.

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