Missing note from notebook

There is a note missing from one of my notebooks that I interacted with within the last week. Is there any troubleshooting I can do to see how it disappeared?

I use encrypted notes, I sync with Dropbox, note is not on either of my clients (PureOS and iOS).


if it was a task and you ticked it ; then it became grey and may be you set joplin to not see done tasks?

If you remember the text content and it’s not encrypted, can you search for it on Dropbpx?

Not a task.
Encrypted, as stated in my original post…

Doesn’t Dropbox provide an history of delete notes? Maybe you could find it in there and restore it?

Thanks for the help folks.

I went to my deleted item on Dropbox, but the note still wasn’t there. I then decided to search for some of the text that would have been within the note (instead of the note title), and, sure enough, the note was there! The title was different, but I must have been in that field typing at some point and didn’t notice.

Thanks again!