Notes lost but not gone? Don't know?

MacOS, 1.0.174
Android, 1.0.311

I’ve been using this on the Mac, syncing to Dropbox, mostly without issue. Today I got an Android phone for work and authorized it on the same Dropbox account. I synced, and didn’t get all the notebooks. Some were missing (one called “Notes” for example). It looked like the notes were there (in “view all notes”) but I couldn’t be sure if all of them were there and they were not in any notebooks.

Then I did something stupid. I created a notebook with the name “Notes” to see if I could move them in there. It deleted them! I went in Dropbox and it had thrown a bunch of files in the trash. I went through and opened them up and re-saved them somewhere else, but I am pretty sure there is some content that Joplin no longer has or knows about. This is bad. But I can’t be sure because I don’t see a “View all notes” on the desktop app.

I actually lost some content in my personal Joplin earlier in the year because I had different versions installed (phone vs. Linux vs. Windows) so this is a second data loss for me. Seems like preventing data loss would be the number one thing! And yes, I do have the Note History and Fail Safe options turned on.

At this point I don’t even know how to find out if I’ve lost anything. I would need to see a list of all the notes, and then I would have to compare it to what I remember being there. I don’t know how to get an audit trail of any kind to know whether I lost data. I had something like 25 notes in the “Notes” notebook, and there are a bunch of notebooks on the Mac side that don’t show up on the phone.

I would love to be able to export all notes as Markdown files with sensible titles so I can look through and see what I still have and what is gone. But I don’t even know what I have lost, if anything.

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You can export them using File => Export => Markdown

Well, yes, but not the ones that I can’t find. The ones I think are still in there, but are not in any notebook. I can find one that I know about, by searching for a word it contains. But is there a way to list all the notes that aren’t in any notebook?