How to restore a lost note

I somehow lost an imortant note. I assume I may have accidentally deleted the name of the note. However, it disappeared. My Joplin is encrypted and synct. How can I find this note as I have “NoteHistory” ON for 30 days. So it must be there somewhere. Thanks for help

Joplin 1.0.174 (Portable Version, encrypted) synced with dropbox
Win7 64

It’s not possible at the moment. If you just deleted the title, can’t you find the note with search, or can you guess what untitled note it might be? If so, you can open it and from there check the history.

Thanks, it was as simple as that. I searched for a “fragment” of the title of the note that I remembered - and there it was again. Somehow, this simple way did not appear to me… Thanks again. Like to work with Joplin.