“Missing Master Key” But it's not actually missing

Unfortunately, my notes have all disappeared, I moved my joplin sync folder into a different directory and then my notes all disappeared in the client, I changed the directory in the settings to the new directory but my notes were still gone, the client appears to have synced and made my sync folder empty, however luckily I backed up this sync folder in a drive so I have a copy but I’m not sure how to import the notes again.

I import the MD directory but all the notes are shown encrypted, and in the encryption settings it says the masterkey is missing, but I have a file with the same name as the masterkey .md in that directory yet it still says missing.

Was I correct to backup the joplin folder (that contains a bunch of md files and a resource and sync folder) or are my notes not in this? There are 59 files in it so I’m guessing they are my notes that are encrypted, or are all my notes gone? Also I’m using linux mint

I want to know if my notes are actually in the sync target joplin folder but encrypted, if my notes are not recoverable please just tell me so. (I have a completely untouched backup of the joplin folder that contains the sync and the md files on another drive, but when I import it the notes are encrypted even though the masterkey is present but not detected by the client)

You should just clear your local profile and set it up again to sync with your encrypted notes.

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Thanks, I installed joplin on a different computer and set the sync directory and all notes were recovered.