Mermaid Mindmap Support

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I'm new to this, and excited about markdown and joplin. I was especially excited by the support for Mermaid mindmaps, but though I have successfully used the flowchart, GANTT, pie & sequence diagrams, mindmaps seem to elude me. All I get is a syntax error.

Are mindmaps supported? Is there a list of mermaid charts which is / isn't?

This isn't a show stopper for me, but I do love a mind map and the idea of being able to use markdown to create them and embed that in a text doc... :wink:

I am on Windows 10 with
Joplin 2.12.18 (prod, win32)

Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 43
Keychain Supported: Yes

Revision: a0a4a81

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@ME-STUDLEY welcome to the forum.

It appears that a while back the Mermaid devs changed something in Mermaid that meant features such as mindmaps did not work in Electron apps (like Joplin). The below pull request suggests that the problem was resolved in a later version of Mermaid and the PR covers adding that version to Joplin. The PR conversation shows that Mindmaps work and it was merged into Joplin last week, so I guess that it should be arriving soon. It may initially only be in a pre-release (beta) so keep an eye on the Joplin releases.


It looks like the next major release (2.13) is scheduled for early December (1st-7th). I don't know the developers' process, but since the code for the Mermaid update has been merged in already perhaps it will show up in that release.

You can always give a try the prerelease if you want to try features and help us develop the app: Getting pre-releases | Joplin

Non-prerelease for now only receive security and regression patches

Thanks all - that's awesome news on the thread about the next update. woo!

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