Get installed Joplin version

Is there an option to determine the installed Joplin version on the Plugin API?
I have not found anything and would need this to make a plugin downgrade compatible so that I only use newer features if they are supported by the installed version.

Would you not just set the manifest's min_app_version for newer releases?

Normal yes,but it would also be possible to do certain things only if the Joplin version would support it and all other improvements that are not dependent on this version would still be usable.

Especially since you can still update to non-compatible versions.

I forgot that issue was still around. It would make sense to me that the plugins should be able to gather version info, I guess there could be cases where you want to patch something critical out of an older version.

Correct. Especially the backup plugin I would like to keep as compatible as possible and not increase the max version unnecessarily.

Yes we could add this. Maybe just a joplin.version() method?

That sound good!

Ok I've ended up adding joplin.versionInfo() which also provide the sync target and profile version number:

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