Menu items, Shortcuts, Toolbar icons

Menu items, Shortcuts, Toolbar icons

This plugin creates menu items (in Edit), shortcuts (defaults can be changed), and toolbar icons for the following actions:

  • mark
  • strikethrough
  • underline
  • superscript
  • subscript

Default Shortcuts and Command Names

Action Default Shortcut command
mark CmdOrCtrl+Shift+Y textMark
strikethrough CmdOrCtrl+Shift+U textStrikethrough
underline CmdOrCtrl+U textUnderline
superscript textSuperscript
subscript textSubscript

The shortcuts can be changed in the shortcut editor (Settings > Keyboard Shortcuts) or in the keymap-desktop.json file.

CodeMirror Commands

This plugin also makes additional CodeMirror functionality available.

Default Shortcuts and Command Names

Action Default Shortcut command
joinLines CmdOrCtrl+J editor.joinLines
toggleOverwrite CmdOrCtrl+O editor.toggleOverwrite

The shortcuts can be changed in the shortcut editor (Settings > Keyboard Shortcuts) or in the keymap-desktop.json file.


Please note: All settings require a restart of Joplin.

Only activate, if enabled in Markdown Plugin settings: Only activate menu items, shortcuts, and toolbar icons for markdown plugins which are enabled in Joplin's settings.

Enable "join lines" in editor: The markdown editor (CodeMirror) provides a function to join lines. This option enables it.

Enable "toggle overwrite mode" in editor: The markdown editor (CodeMirror) provides a function to toggle overwrite mode. This option enables it.

Under Show Advanced Settings it is possible to remove toolbar icons for individual actions.



What a coincidence I too just finished coding my plugin for strikethrough toolbar icon :sweat_smile:
though yours is much better and feature rich ; I am still sharing link to my repository

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Will it be useful if we add option to generate custom toolbar buttons ?
e.g shortcut for underlining text issue#4940
I would like to work on adding pull request implementing this feature.

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Already did that 3 hours ago.

But I haven't committed and pushed it yet. Also, please note that this plugin was rather a quick hack. There are a bunch of things on the todo list that I want to finish up before this plugin will be version 1.0.0.
One of the major things is refactoring. As you can see most of the code is duplicated for mark and strikethrough, which is a very bad coding style.

I only made it available, because a few people on this forum wanted this functionality.

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I can't believe I missed this post. Thanks for this plugin !
I use striketrough and mark text dozens of times a day, and now it will be much much less tedious. Time saver !
(Sometimes I was switching to the Rich Text Editor, but some formating were lost when switching back)

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Maybe CmdOrCtrl+Shift+X would be a better default for strikethrough. Both Google Docs and Slack use that.

May I also suggest CmdOrCtrl+Shift+H, as "Mark" is basically called "Highlight" in other apps and that's the shortcut used in Evernote?

I'm not so keen on changing the defaults. These combinations or some variation of them are usually associated with something else:

H - hide app, window
X - close, exit, cut

But that's why you can change them to your liking.

FYI: I picked them for a reason: Cmd+Shift+Y wasn't used yet, so it made sense at that time. And U for strikethrUUUUUUUU. Also Cmd+U is used for underline, thus if you use shift, you basically lift the line to the middle.

This plugin is fantastic, I needed this.

Would you consider adding support for quotes? I feel like this is the most cumbersome to do by hand, adding > to the beginning of every line in a quote with several paragraphs.


This sounds like a good idea. I can look into it, when I have a bit more time.


How have I overlooked this plugin for this long? :smiley:

Also seconding the > quote feature request; adding quotes multiple paragraphs long is my most frequent reason for launching my external editor (Typora).

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How can I add buttons for custom text color and custom text backgroud or predefined, custom text separators? Can you add it to your plugin or create separate plugin for it?


I want to use Joplin to create my own English grammar notebook and having more options to distinguish text is essential for me. Only basic options such as here on forum, or such as Joplin has would dramatically limit the ability to use Joplin for my purpose.

By writing this I want to emphasize that very basic features can determine whether a program can fulfill a certain purpose or not. Please, take it into consideration.

Cross-out feature, more text coloring and text background color options, upper index, strike-through, underline, etc. Whatever you add, someone will find it useful.

Actually, it would be nice to have such icons to color font as they are in for example LibreOffice Writer and with the same functionality. I believe it is a standard way of handling coloring text in many applications.

Also it would be nice to have plugins to create predefined, custom styles of formatting text, similar to text styles in MS Word and to create predefined, custom text separators, for example:
or whatever can be predefined. I imagine I could add an icon to editor with predefined style or separator.

I am perfectly aware that Joplin is not a text editor, like MS Word or LO Writer but anyway, options to distinguish text can greatly enhance usability of the program.

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What you are looking for is already available. :wink:


Thank you for information. Of course I will use it. But being able to add custom buttons to editor would be more handy.


This plugin is very useful.

However, don't you think the icons are little too bolder than the default icons? Thematically similar icons would have been more better.

I used the standard icons from fa. I did not make them bold. I think the default toolbar icons (from Joplin core) do use a different icon set. I do not know, if there are suitable icons in that set nor do I know if I can access them via a plugin. I have to check the code.

I think, an alternative can be to generate an icon font/pack from flaticons with thematically similar ones.

The default toolbar is using icomoon, but the icons I'd need are not included.
Maybe I can add an option to use alternative icons instead, but it is not high on my priority list. I'd accept a PR though.

For me ++underline++ did not work.
Neither in the editor nor in the rendered output.
What am i doing wrong?

You need to have "Enable ++insert++ syntax" turned on in your Markdown options.