Join Lines

Can we get a Join Lines option in the Edit menu that functions the same as Join Lines in vscode?

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The plugin "Menu items, shortcuts, toolbar icons" refers to enabling "join lines" as an option.


Is this what you are looking for?

I have installed that sparsely documented plugin and restarted Joplin, and I expected to see Join Lines in the Edit menu or toolbar or right-click menu, but I'm not finding it anywhere. Also not finding much documentation on how to use CodeMirror, which is what ... another plugin? Not finding that via plugin search either, only the Line Numbers and Folding plugins for CodeMirror.

CodeMirror is the package that Joplin uses for its Markdown editor. So when you look at the Markdown editor that is CodeMirror.

The file states that it is activated using cmd+J or ctrl+J.

I have never used the "join lines" feature in Joplin or any other editor, I just recalled that it was mentioned in the settings for that plugin and wondered if it was of use to you.


Ah yes that did it, thanks!