Call for mentors for GSoC 2022

Like the past two years, Joplin will apply to GSoC this year, and so we are looking for a few more mentors to support the contributors during the event.

Here is some information about the role of a mentor:

After student selection

  • Ensure your student is ready & active. They should have a dev environment, be regularly communicating in the community, and have prepared a project plan together with you.
  • Read the GSoC Mentoring Manual and ask questions if you have them.
  • If the student is not active during the community bonding period, please contact the organization administrators.

During the program

  • Help your student be successful. Commit to spending 3-4 hours each week answering questions, giving advice, working with your student on blockers.
  • Agree with the students how many times per week they should write a progress report. Ensure that they deliver this report on time each week, and evaluate their progress.
  • You might have adjust goals based on their progress.

Do I need to be a programmer to apply?

Being a programmer is not necessary. Being technical may help however. However what matters more is to know the application well (as a user), being available to check the student's progress, guide them when they are stuck, ensure that their goals are realistic, etc.

If there's a specific technical issue, it can be discussed with other mentors and that's how we generally get to a solution.

In general code review can be done by anyone familiar with the app or by myself.


Registering my interest. I'll read the manual later today, and then get in touch.


Sure, and let us know if you have any question.

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still interested?

Hi, I am Interested.

would you mind, introducing yourself quickly?

Hi, I'm Shivani Gupta and 3rd-year undergrad from JSSATEN, India in B.Tech (Electronics and communication engineering). My interests are in Front End Engineering and I love to create beautiful and performant products with delightful user experiences utilising cutting-edge technology. . I have a hands-on experience in HTML, CSS, Javascript, ReactJs, Next.js, Tailwind, Bootstrap, MaterialUI, Python, C++programming languages.
In addition, I have a basic understanding of backend development.
Currently, I'm working on a one-stop solution website for emerging entrepreneurs using frontend, backend, machine learning, Web 3.0, and blockchain in a national level competition called Smart India Hackathon, where my team and I have cleared the first round. As a result, I am willing to learn something new every day.
I Hope to Hear From You Soon

Sorry but just to clarify, are you intending to mentor for GSoC or enter as a contributor?

I am intending to mentor GSOC.

We'd expect prior involvement with the project, such as a few forum posts or comments on GitHub or Patreon, before accepting a mentor. So in your case that's probably too early, but you're free to contribute some other ways, or even get involved in GSoC by helping other contributors, answering their posts, etc.

Thanks, Laurent for clarification. Would you mind guiding me on how can I contribute to the coming GSoC 2022?
I loved the Joplin Project and I have also started working on some Mid and High priority issues on git.

If you want to enter as a GSoC contributor you are still easily on time which sounds much more aligned with your introduction and the fact you are looking at resolving issues.
All the guidance is here: Google Summer of Code 2022 | Joplin

If you don't plan on entering GSoC then what Laurent is saying is that you don't have to be officially enrolled as a mentor to give feedback to GSoC contributors and help them out, you can choose to be involved with the Joplin community as much or as little as you want, including GSoC topics.

After talking to you I believe that It'll be great for me to apply as a contributor as it will give me a better understanding and I'll be able to learn more with you guys. I will be looking forward to you if I get any doubt. thanks a lot.

The Tablet layout idea excited me. I think I can contribute to my best in this idea.

Yes @PackElend, I am interested. However, I am uncertain that I can do the role justice since I neither know TypeScript nor the Joplin codebase. I think I need to have a better understanding of these to do a good job and to support a contributor. That's not to say I'm inexperienced or uncomfortable reviewing code etc.

What I can offer is my time and support, challenge, encouragement, and experience as a mentor and former (I quit work last year) senior IT professional and head of service. I'm happy to share my LinkedIn page in a PM.

Maybe there is an option to assign more than one mentor to a contributor and I shadow? Happy to discuss.

than you may know more than me :slight_smile:

for sure we do

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@mjw, we can assign two mentors per project but I think it's better if you are an official mentor. Being in IT I think you'll have no issues. You'll only deal with a specific part of Joplin so you'll need to know about that part, what it does and what needs to be changed (only at a high level), and that shouldn't take long.

Then it's mostly about keeping in touch with the contributor and making sure they have everything they need to make progress, review their plans, check there's no blocker, etc. If you think that might be of interest for you, please let us know and we can add you as an official mentor.


Thanks for the replies, @PackElend and @laurent. Sure, add me to the list.


That's great, welcome to the team @mjw! I've sent you the invite and will add you to the mentor forum too.


I’m eagerly awaiting the challenge, and getting to know everyone involved in GSoC 2022. So now, I think, is a good time to introduce myself.

My name is Martin Webster, and my journey with computers started in the early 1980s with the HP 9836A writing code for automatic test equipment using HPL, Pascal and Rocky Mountain BASIC. Since then, I’ve had numerous engineering and IT roles, including, most recently, head of service responsible for application support. My portfolio included ERP and data warehousing. I quit work last year to pursue other projects.

I don’t consider myself a developer, but I get by in Perl, PHP, HTML, CSS, and SQL and a little JavaScript (I’ve hosted personal websites and run Linux for twenty-five years.) Furthermore, I like elegant code and can spot lazy coding and clumsy logic readily. So, please don't attempt to pull the wool over my eyes! :slightly_smiling_face:

In my last position I worked for an international business, dealing with clients across Europe, and used IT services providers on two continents, including South Asia. I also trained as a developmental mentor a decade ago. I think this experience will be useful during GSoC 2022.

What I seek from Contributors is commitment and honesty about their work; so, always tell me what I want to know, rather than what you think I need to hear. In return, I will support and encourage you in what you do, with the aim of developing your career from both technical and non-technical perspectives.

For any clarifications, feel free to send me a PM.