Master key upgrade not working

I can't do this because my notes (and key data) has been synchronised to Joplin Cloud.

On the encryption panel it shows that I have 747/1815 decrypted items.

Encryption is not enabled and I have today deleted all clients and re-installed only this one (linux).

I am still being told that I have a key that needs upgrading but pressing the upgrade button does nothing.

What version?

Joplin 2.5.10 (prod, linux)

Client ID: 217e3bda344248a3bf2b9c476c9412ac
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 39
Keychain Supported: No

Revision: b80242d

Thanks for working on this problem @laurent. But in my opinion this scenario should never happen. Its not a good solution to simply hide the problem. I come back to this Forum, becuase i trapped one more time into this even knowing the issue can happen. but i even dont understand why this happend again. it take me hours of fixing going through the here described solution with exporting/importing and so on, and now on the third device it happend again and again all devices are contaminated since sync before understanding something is going wrong. yeah "so much hate!" - i hate this! i hate this a lot!! i am developer and has my own projects where also nobody help me out to fix my bugs - but i donated to keep joplin up - i would even pay a price if you would fix this issue in a way that more than one master key can never happen.

why dont give the user a OPTION: single key OR multi key. If single key - all devices share one and the same key - i do not need more than one key
stop the user before he is doing somethig stupid by a popup: "Do you really want to push/add a second key - yes/no"

sorry for so much hate again - but this one makes me really angry again

Could you provide a screenshot of your encryption config screen? I think it's incorrectly detecting a key that needs upgrade even though it doesn't, but it would be easier to tell with the screenshot.

There's no hidding the problem. We just don't allow encryption key deletion because it's only a few bytes, and could potentially be used to decrypt data. Disabling the key moves it out the view but without deleting it.

Three screen shots; Linux, Mac and Chromebook. All the same, apparently synchronised, Joplin Cloud account.

Thanks for the info. There was indeed a bug with the upgrade button, which is fixed now and will be part of the next release.

And just to be sure, the only issue is that the Upgrade button does nothing, but your data and everything is correct otherwise, is that right?

Yes, my data is OK.

I would be happier if I could wipe my Joplin Cloud and start again. I'll just go and do an export of all my tickets...

I've not had the need to use this myself yet but would making a full JEX export and then using @laurent's Victor plugin help?

Does Victor remove the keys from Joplin cloud?

That was the point of the exercise.

I can't use the clean install on another cloud then transfer to Joplin cloud because the encryption keys remain.

I wonder if I can close my Joplin cloud account then create a new one that has no keys?

But this accidantely added key is useless from the first second on. Ive noticed youre also working on what i suggested.

From Android AppStore:

  • New: Add support for single master password, to simplify handling of multiple encryption keys

how to enable this feature?

The victor plugin doesn't remove system data. I take that to remove keys.

I am happy to wait. Joplin is the best note taking app for me and certainly the best open source solution.

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