Joplin not decrypting notes; running for days now and keys all line up

Hi all! On Windows, its all OK and encryption key is set and synced via webdav. On Mac, it seems all synced, encryption keys match up and the password is accepted but its all still encrypted! I have left it running for days and still its all encrypted. Not sure what I am doing wrong?

Its says its decrypting an item and it completes 1 per second, I have probably 30000 items maybe more!

There is a message which says One or more master keys need a password. Set the password. That key is not in use on my windows though so I can ignore it? I also check the settings page and that key is stated to be missing? Its not the key used to encrypt my data though as I checked on my Windows.

Altogether a confusing and frustrating scenario to figure out! Any help pls?

Joplin for Desktop

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Joplin 1.2.6 (prod, darwin)

Client ID: 363efa1907874a70a725d0a4de8a92b9
Sync Version: 2
Profile Version: 34
Keychain Supported: Yes

Revision: f5f117c (master)