Markwhen Integration

Markwhen is a text (md) to timeline tool.
It would be a very nice option to have inside Joplin, as an expansion/alternative to the task note type.

There is already an extension for VSCode.


Very nice tool ! Include markwhen link for others.


It seems nice, but I feel the Markwhen syntax is complex so it would require bidirectional edition (like in their demo) to be useful and we don't support this.

I've installed the extension and there's not syntax highlighting either, so it seems they really expect the user to modify the Markdown using the timeline UI.

Bidirectional would be nice, but not necessary.
There is good syntax highlighting, maybe it was not active for you? IIRC files must be named as
I usually only modify the markwhen and only use the UI as output.

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Thanks for clarifying, that makes sense. I've created a task for it so that we can keep track of it: Add support for Markwhen · Issue #7809 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

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