Hope for support Workflowy/Dynalist mode

Hope for support Workflowy/Dynalist mode
It is much more methodical than markdown.

Some source codes by Javascript:

I don’t think this will ever happen. Joplin is a note taking application which core is built around Markdown.

It’s the same as asking someone to transform a car into a boat.

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I agree with this. I personally (not part of this dev. team) feel like the core of Joplin is Markdown. That is also the reason I love it, I'm a huge Markdown fan, so if you like Joplin, but not Markdown maybe you are using the wrong app? Not to sound rude or such, just feels a bit weird asking the main flow of a note app to change to something completely different. :smiley: Suggestions to improve the app, or to make the Markdown / Todo faster, sure, that is changes to the already current app, but changing the core way the app is used I wouldn't expect to much of that. :slight_smile: