"Marketing Material"

Is it allowed to use the main image of the Joplin homepage for promoting Joplin on own websites?
Of course, with credits and link to the Joplin homepage.

Does the website already exists? Or can you give more info about what you want to promote?

I want to write an article about my personal usage of Joplin on a website where I refer to a wide spread of aspects (from software development, software reviews to building a garden bench…).
And to have a "recognition effect" it seems to me useful to give readers a preview of something that they will see moving to the Joplin homepage.

Don't know how challenging this is for you because it is a German language only page«: link to the website

Yes sure, in this context it's fine.



Joplin means "full control"

(translated) Teaser:
Our modern life is based on information. Always, everywhere, instantly. That's why there are many tools for this, but so far none of them could convince me. So far.