I created a new logo for joplin-utils

I've been in the joplin community for almost two years, during which time I've created some surrounding community tools (including plugins, cli apps, and npm toolkits) and a website explaining these tools. Before, the website has been using the joplin logo, but now, I have recreated a logo for the website to represent the related tools based on joplin that have been completed so far.

Clockwise is

  • joplin vscode plugin
  • joplin-api npm package
  • joplin-batch-web visual batch processing
  • google search integrated chrome plugin
  • publish wiki/blog cli



Just a comment, and I'm not a lawyer, but it looks quite risky to use other companies' logos/icons like that (e.g. Google is very specific about this, see https://about.google/brand-resource-center/brand-elements/#product-icons).

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Well, I reduced the size of the surrounding icon, maybe that would be better? (Maybe I'm wrong, but do they care about personal non-commercial use?)

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Google sounds fine based on their wording:

You may use small depictions of our Google product icons for educational or informational purposes to indicate that your product or service integrates with, is designed for, or is related to a Google product or service – but you can’t imply affiliation with or endorsement from Google.

As the tool is designed to work with google search in chrome then it sounds like it falls under that umbrella.

There's a similar rule for usage of the Joplin logo, but I think it's fine in this case since the website implies that the tools are non-official.

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Well, in the end I chose to shrink the icons for all external references and highlight the connections relationships



I was thinking specifically about "don’t lock up our product icon with your own logo/icon".

That's often true when it comes to open source projects and such, but Google says nothing about having any particular distinction between commercial and non-commercial use in this aspect.

Edit: Of course, there's probably very little chance that they will care about a small community project like that, but still :pensive:.

I take that as meaning something like not making a giant google G logo with a little tiny icon of your own sitting off to the side which might imply that Google is the "primary" product relationship rather than just being linked to it but as you say, I very much doubt they will be focused on something some incredibly niche even if it did violate the terms.