Markdown preview is what I want in Rich Text view

Hi All,

Is this correct ? I get the kind of note view I would like in the markdown preview, links are clickable and I have pdf preview. In Rich Text links are not clickable or rather you have to right click open for pdfs and we links are not clickable even with right click open and there are no previews. From a use perspective it feels like it should, if anything be the other way round.
Love Joplin by the way have completely moved 3 gig of Evernote notes to it and have had no problems in the last 6 months.


Windows 10 version Joplin 2.01 and Ubuntu 20.04 Joplin 1.7.11. Also Joplin server.

I believe you can Ctrl+Click to open pdfs and other links. Right clicking on links is broken currently but it's a known issue that had some people looking into it recently.

Building a WYSIWYG editor (rich text editor) is challenging from a design perspective. For example, users are used to clicking on links to follow them, and users are used to clicking on text they want to edit. Which one of these takes priority when the user clicks on a link they want to edit? If you use another rich text editor (Microsoft word for example) you'll find that they face the same issue, but might get around it in another way.


OK thanks, understood, would be great to get that pdf preview working in Rich Text view

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