Markdown is copied instead of WYSIWYG

I'm trying to copy this line in WYSIWYG

But I end up pasting this one: (it has backslashes)

@andreycruz16 I edited your post by wrapping the copy/paste lines in backticks. This makes the second line render correctly. I hope you don't mind.

When you copy some text, the HTML part of the clipboard contains HTML, and the plain text one contains Markdown, that's why the "_" are escaped. There's no easy way to go around this other than copying the text from the Markdown editor instead.

I do not encounter this issue on previous release. I'm not sure what version.

The current behaviour is correct, although perhaps it's escaping more than it should.

Otherwise to make sure complex URLs or code is kept the same, it's usually best to wrap them in a code block.

It should be WYSIWYG when copying text in a non-markup editor.

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