\- \[ \] <---- sometimes find this in checklists

Sometimes I'll look at a note with a checklist and instead of
- [ ] in front of checklist items, I'll see - [ ] \- \[ \]

I haven't identified any sequence of steps that causes this, so I can't provide replication steps, but figured I'd check if anyone else has noticed this. I've also noticed just the backslash \ is sometimes inserted after a hyperlink or note link.

If you write - [ ] in the Rich Text editor it will come out escaped like this \- \[ \] so could it be the issue?

Yes, I can see that. But I almost never edit in the rich text editor. I think it may have to do with switching back and forth between markdown and rich text editors. I'll keep a closer eye on this and see if I can determine replication steps.

Yes, I had this a bit when switching back and forth between the editors. This extension has helped me a lot - now I have set all of my imported Evernote (as html) notes to open automatically in the rich text editor, and by default I work on new notes in MD.

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