Mail Plugin - has anyone got this working?

I've been trying to get this working -

I'm using a Gmail account and I've enabled two-step auth and am using an app password which I entered into the plugin credentials in Joplin. I've enabled IMAP on the account. I know Google's being a bit opaque these days about how third party clients etc should work but I use email clients with other Gmail accounts so I'm assuming everything is setup ok.

This plugin doesn't expose any UI elements to show whether or not you're actually connected to the account so it's tricky to see what's going on! For me, nothing happens at all.

Anyone had any luck with it?


EDIT: Tested this account in the Windows mail client and it's all working ok. Plugin just doesn't seem to do anything...


You would need an "app password" in gmail and Google has been disabling that feature.

I use free account.

If you try this service, it should solve your problem.

You will be able to use a regular user ID and password.

Good luck! :grinning: