Hide to tray

I’m using Linux and i3-wm. When you right-click on the Joplin tray icon, the only options you have are “Open Joplin” and Exit. Is it possible to hide a third item like “Hide Joplin” to reduce it?

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You mean add a new item called Hide?

I'm not sure it is really necessary since you can just close the Joplin window or use the Hide menu item (Cmd+H in macOS) or Close Window (available on all desktop platforms).

Yes, that’s it.

It’s not necessary when you use a stacking window manager like on macOS, Windows or GNOME. But, i3-wm is tiling. In tiling WMs, you don’t have the notion of standard reduction to taskbar.

Ok, it’s not my decision, but in case @laurent is ok with such a change, here’s a PR:

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Thanks for that!