Hide Others (hide other applications) Option

Under Joplin's menu (on my Mac) their is an option to "Hide Joplin" (Command+H), but no option to "Hide Others" (Option+Command+H) like there is in other Mac applications. Any chance a Hide Others option will be added to a future version of Joplin? Thank you.

There's a hideOthers role in Electron so that can be done easily. It never came up, so I didn't think it was an important menu item.

@laurent is this something I can add?

Sure, I guess that would make the app more standard on macOS.

Hmm, I'm rather puzzled by the current code actually. All we'd need is to add that role for macOS to the menu structure, but when I look at the current Hide Joplin implementation, it is all over the place. The code is spread over at least 4 different files. All it needs is 3 lines of code in one file, so I don't really know what to do.

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