Lots of problems / anomalies with Joplin

Just installed Joplin yesterday and purchased Joplin cloud option. But I'm having a lot of issues and I'm guessing it's something on my end that needs to be changed. Here are some of the problems I'm facing:

  1. As stated in a separate post, when I try to clip a web page (Firefox) that contains anything other than text, I get a page of gobledegook (some form of markup language)

  2. When I imported notebooks from Evernote, every email address was followed by : "send email to......" which I had to delete

  3. I installed a couple of plugins (enhanced editing and text colourizer). When I highlight text in a post, right click, and choose "enhanced editor", the text disappears. When I try to colorize text, I get html language rather than just colorizing the text.

  4. The "undo" function in Joplin doesn't seem to work. When I accidentally deleted a notebook I immediately tried to undo with no success. The same happens when I delete text and try to restore it - nothing happens.

Also, when I try to include a hyperlink in a post on this forum, I get an error saying I'm not allowed to do so.

As I said, I'm guessing it's a setting somewhere, but I can't figure it out and I'm pretty technically aware.

Your help will be very much appreciated. Thank you!!

If you can share an ENEX file that shows the problem perhaps we can help

Plugin issues should be reported to the plugin authors

Laurent, thanks for replying.

  • Re: the enex files, doesn't matter any longer. I've already made the edits

  • Re: plugins - okay, thanks

  • What about the other issues (undo and web clips), which are really more important to me at this point? Again, when I try to clip a page with images, I get some sort of markup language instead. I'd include links, but the forum won't allow me to. But it's pretty much any page with images.

Again, thank you for your time.

I've changed the permissions, could you try again to post the link please?

Here you go:


There is no way to easily restore deleted notes (and notebooks). There are methods to do it but the process is complicated. If you want to be extra sure that you don't accidentally delete something important, you'd better create a separate notebook called something like "Recycle Bin" and move the notes there instead of deleting them. This will allow you to easily restore (copy) them back if needed.

The "undo" function should work fine inside the note editor though.

Okay, thanks again. Strange implementation of both "undo" and the view / editor features, but so be it. I'll continue to use One Note along side of Joplin for security sake.

Just as a side note for people who read this. A new user cannot post links, however they can put them in a code block or as inline code:



@allan one option worth considering is the Backup plugin: you could set it e.g. to create backups daily; you could restore from them if you accidentally delete something.

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