How to restore from dropbox in case of local data loss..?

i use the latest version on linux mint.

i'm synchronizing to dropbox.

i want to ask.
let's say i lose my local linux mint data.
in that case. how would i be able to retrieve the dropbox backup?

what is the correct way to synchronize back without losing the dropbox data?


Firstly the Dropbox sync is not a backup. It is a method used to share data between clients. If you delete something by mistake on one client that error will get propagated to all your other clients.

If you are recovering from a total loss of your system, i.e. it's a new computer, just install Joplin and connect it to your Dropbox account again. It is a new install and will download the notes. Same goes if you do a full re-install of Linux Mint.

However if after repairing your setup you still have a folder ~/.config/joplin-desktop left over from the previous install it may be best to rename it before installing Joplin. This is so any local and possibly corrupted data does not cause problems for Joplin or get sent to Dropbox by your repaired machine. If a new installation of Joplin finds that joplin-desktop folder it will try to use it and will not act as a new install but as if Joplin had been upgraded.

If you want a backup use the backup plugin.


i've installed the backup plugin but it doesn't appears at the bottom of the 'option's screen

Never had this happen to me so I can only ask a few more questions to try to see if anything else that has been done may explain this.

  • What version of Joplin are you using? ("Latest version" is not a version)
  • When installing Joplin did you use the install & update script / download the AppImage / other?
  • How did you install the plugin? (via the Joplin client or directly downloading the .jpl file)
  • Do you have the file io.github.jackgruber.backup.jpl in the folder ~/.config/joplin-desktop/plugins/?
  • Have you fully quit (CTRL+Q) and restarted Joplin since installing the plugin?


  • 2.8.8
  • i did the installation with the software manager
  • via he joplin client
  • yes. i have the file in the same location you mentioned
    - no. but did it now and it is there now!!

didn't knew i need to relaunch the joplin....

I am glad it is now working for you.

It looks like you are using a Flatpak version of Joplin that someone has created.

You should see a message to restart Joplin when you add or update a plugin...

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