Locks folder - what's wrong with it!

Hi, I'll describe problem at once.

Folder named as locks keeps constantly disappearing. I've to create it manually (on my two sync devices). Today I was angry because all my work from yestarday disappeared! I don't know why it happened. :frowning:

I don't know where is the problem. If there's no folder locks Joplin wont sync (via syncthing app which I use) on my devices.

Does locks folder should be created by Joplin itself or locks folder is separated thing from Joplin?

My "setup":
I'm using Joplin + syncthing app on two devices (desktop and android). I was working on desktop, then closed Joplin on desktop (ctrl+q). Today I sync desktop with android and all my work gone.

How I can prevent in future from loosing my work?

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Can you post screenshots of your Joplin synchronisation settings on both sides? In general, when using filesystem sync, you're not supposed to touch anything in that folder manually. This includes the locks folder which is created and managed by Joplin.

As for the folder disappearing, have you got any "cleanup" software installed on Android that perhaps deletes empty folders? If yes, then you should definitely disable that. This kind of questionable functionality may be built into the OS itself by some manufacturers.

Dzięki Tomek za odpowiedź.

Automated deletion maybe is the problem. I'll check that first.

Not knowing any better I have to assume that "Dzięki Tomek za odpowiedź." means
go to hell !! Correct ?

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