Local Attachments

I have a note from the browser plugin that has a video. I have already downloaded the video locally. How can I attach the local copy to the link in my Joplin note.

If you want to attach it to your note and have the video saved within joplin itself then you can just drag the file onto a note.

If you only want to reference the local file then you just need to give it a path like (video)[file:///home/name/videos/video.mp4)

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I'm using kubuntu. Dragging from Dolphin to my note doesn't work.

Does it do anything at all? Works fine for me with Cinnamon on LM using Nemo.
Anything weird show up in the log when you do it?
Don't suppose there are any other KDE users out there seeing the same issue?

Just tried it with krusader and the same thing. Nothing. No activity in the joplin log either.

I just spun up a kubuntu vm and it works fine for me, I just dragged an .mp4 from dolphin into joplin and it attached:

Works in both editors

OK, I'm officially confused.

I see what I'm doing wrong. I was dragging into the viewer not the editor.



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