How does Joplin handle the metadata for attached files?

What exactly does Joplin do, if anything, with the metadata for attached files such as images and videos ( and I guess as well documents and text files or something, though maybe those are handled differently?).

I know, or at least I was informed, based on another post I made that when you attach an image or video to a note, it creates a copy of that within the local Joplin, and then points to it with the link in the note. You can do this with other notes too, for the same file, and it will remain in the database unless there are no notes pointing to it in which case it will be removed within 10 days (If necessary, please verify that this is right).

  • Does it strip the metadata?

  • Preserve all the original?

  • Add any of its own?

  • Does modifying the original file change the Joplin version at all (metadata or otherwise)? What about deleting it?

  • All filetypes treated the same?