Add an import from NimbusNote, along with images and all, other media

Really, really, really, really miss this feature!
I've been wanting to come to you for a long time!

Ah, the script, which is available on the github for switching from Nimbus to Joplin, does not attach media(

Just for reference: Are you talking about Convert Nimbus Notes HTML to Markdown for Joplin · GitHub from this thread?

Is the media included in the original export file?

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How do I know if it's this?

The media should be next to the exported HTML files if the documentation is up-to-date.

I, following the instructions did everything from GitHub.

I just found the comment that mentions images are not supported by the script. So I guess you can just try to ask in the original thread:

I've asked the Joplin developers for a new feature, natively written.
Not a script that doesn't attach images.

If you manually attach images to 100 notes, it's still tolerable....

But, if 7 notes, which, in the vast majority of them, have attachments... It's already unrealistically hard.