Linux CLI Sync to Joplin Cloud Error "Invalid Username or Password"

Joplin CLI Client
Version 2.6.2
Syncing to Joplin Cloud
OS is Fedora 35 (Linux)

I already did the following:

:config 10
:config sync.10.username (my email)
:config sync.10.password (my password)

log.txt (142.7 KB)

You most likely need to check your email or password.

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Hi, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I have repeatedly checked and indeed the username/password I type in match my email and password, yet it still returns this error. Syncing between the desktop client and android client seems to be working fine.

EDIT: Just to confirm, the proper value for sync.10.path is

Racking my brain here. I'm sure there's something obvious I'm missing.

Hi, I have resolved the error. The command line interface will also return this error when the password is greater than or equal to 24 characters long. In other words, it appears that (at least on fedora 35), Joplin CLI only supports passwords of 23 characters or less. I am now able to use the interface after shortening my password.

I am unsure if this is a bug with Joplin, or with Fedora 35.

I don't think there's such limit anywhere in Joplin. Could you post a screenshot of the error please, as that might help to understand where it comes from?

I looked at the cli code but couldn't find any restriction to 23 characters for passwords.

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