Did my JoplinCloud account get removed?

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I haven't used Joplin for quite a while, maybe about 1 year. When I try to sync with Joplin Cloud it now says Invalid email or password. I went to joplincloud.com to login and it gives me the same error. I'm positive I'm using the correct credentials as they are saved in Bitwarden. When I try forgot my password it says it will be sent if an account exists. Nothing ever shows up. I signed up here with the same email and received the verification email just fine so I know my email account can receive messages. I think maybe my account was disabled either due to non-payment or inactivity, but I can't say for sure. It doesn't even let me access the account to pay.

I am very worried about this as I am starting projects where I need notes synced across 3 devices.

Could I have inadvertently been banned for some reason? I'm using Joplin entirely normally. I can only suspect this is due to my payment information changing and forgetting to update it, but I do not understand why the entire account would be inaccessible.

Really appreciate the help. Thank you.