Link to local file ressources?

Is there a possibility to add a button to add links to the local files system?
No weblinks, but links to windows file path, for example

For now I have to type anytime:

With an input box I could copy the link to the path from the windows file explorer. Or even better some kind of “path picker” where you can select the path you need.

And for files that should be linked also an input box to give this link a name. E.g. Joplin Manual which will leed to file:///Y:\Joplin\blabla\joplinmanual.pdf

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On macOS I can drag and drop a file and hold the Opt ⌥ key to create a link to a local resource.

On Windows this should be the Alt key.


This is a useful trick. Sadly again, I can't click-open the local file.

On what OS are you? On Linux i can drag and drop while pressing Alt, click in preview and it opens file in native program. (Works for text and for jpg files).

I'm using windows 10.