Link a pdf page

i'd like to link or embedd a pdf in Joplin with a specific page to see.
Let me explain:


For example, sometimes I link a pdf instead of embedding it, in this way:
[manuale CX5130](file:///c:/Users/USER/Documenti/.../cx5100_en.pdf)
and when I click on the link the file is open.

I want to add a start page, like this:
[manuale CX5130](file:///c:/Users/USER/Documenti/.../cx5100_en.pdf#page=71)
or better, I know that in this case I should use "named destinations" (see below), and then:
[manuale CX5130](file:///c:/Users/USER/Documenti/.../cx5100_en.pdf#bookmark_ID0EDKMQ)
(I extract destinations with poppler's pdfinfo)

In this way Joplin show, when I click, an error message, say that the file is not existent.


Similar thing for embedded pdf.
I'd like to see the selected page or, at click, to open pdf at selected page.

If I embed PDF with this syntax:
[manuale CX5130, pag. 71](:/697219dc491a499296e5065ee62693c5#bookmark_ID0EDKMQ)

  1. I see the embedded pdf, but it show the first page
  2. if I open pdf by clicking the link this time no error message and joplin launch adobe reader with this file, but the page/destination isn't taken in consideration.

Note: what is "named destinations"


P.S. AFAIK Obsidian do it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There’s a proposal idea for gsoc this year 8. Replace built-in PDF renderer with a library. I think that will solve your problem when implemented.

The issue of linking to a specific page in an external pdf came up on this forum a couple of months ago.

A GitHub issue was raised (now closed by github-actions). If you read it you will see there is apparently a problem with changing Joplin to support the parameters.

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If I understand correctly, the only hope to have this is to switch to different way to manage PDF, that also will be helpful in case of export note with pdf attached, etc.
Ok, for now I'll write down the page of interest in the link anchor. :slight_smile: