Using pdf note across platforms

Using Joplin 2.9.17 on a Win10 PC.

I have a number of notes created on my main PC with pdf inserts, but since the pdf is not embedded in the note, the note is useless to me when working off my Android tablet or my Win10 tablet.

Has anybody found any type of workaround for this?

Attach the pdf to the note? image

If the reference to the pdf is in the format file:///path/to/pdf/document.pdf (i.e. a link to a file on your local system, outside Joplin) then there's not much you can easily do.

If the reference to the pdf is in the format [document.pdf](:/f717e60233694e0bb3c2410dbbfdf6a3) (i.e. an attached resource) then the pdf is stored by Joplin and will travel between clients with the note.

1 Like worked! I had some pdf links in a old note that wouldn't open on my Android tablet and looking around the forum found indications that led me to believe (wrongly) that the link was to a file on the platform.

I just tried a new note a used the "attach file" icon and it worked on the Android. I don't know how I screwed up the old notes.

Thanks for the quick and helpful reply.

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